Dear Valued Customer

We've been trying to reach you! We previously let you know that ETS Emoney™ will discontinue supporting earlier versions of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) after February 28. To allow all of our customers enough time to make a successful transition, we have extended this deadline to April 9. After this date, we will reject transactions that are presented on any version of TLS encryption earlier than TLS v1.2.

To avoid an interruption in your ability to accept payments, simply follow the directions below on every workstation that is used to process payments as well as any servers on location. To ensure this update will be compatible, please confirm that any computers you use to process payments are:

  • Running on Windows 7 or higher, and
  • Using the latest version of ETS’ software – Transvault 3.0.

When you are finished with the update, please email us at to confirm you are now in compliance with this encryption standard.

  1. Click the following link, or copy and paste this URL:

  2. After the download, choose to save or open the file.

  3. From the options in the zip file manager, choose Extract.

  4. Select OK when prompted to copy the file to the computer.

  5. Go to the Downloads folder on the computer

  6. Double-click the file entitled Enable TLS12.

  7. Choose to Run the software.

  8. Select Yes when prompted by the Registry Editor.

  9. Choose Yes again when asked for confirmation.

  10. Click OK when the software has been successfully added to the registry.

  11. Once the update has been successfully applied, restart the computer and you will be finished

As always, we are here to support you in this effort. If you have any questions, please consult with your IT department first, as they will have easier access to your computers. If you encounter any problems call our main line at 800-834-7790, or email


ETS | Elavon